About MustSee 

MustSee is a location-based mobile guide community which works as a social platform for mobile app users and content creators. We built our mobile app so people can engage with their surroundings wherever they are. Most people spend more time planning their trips around transportation and lodging and leave very little time to organize their activities. We came up with a solution that enables users to identify, create and share those places and sights that are excellent and should be experienced by others. It’s the inside information about local spots to taste the best appetizer, see an incredible work of art, check out a glamorous dress or a dazzling entertainment event.

Our team are enthusiastic MustSee seekers of all things great. Whether its food, art, fashion, history, or entertainment, we want to find and experience the best things in the world. The MustSee team is made up of talented experts in editorial, production, marketing, design, software development and technology. While we are based in New York City, we love to explore both our local neighborhoods and travel the globe to find what MustSee’s we can share.


App Description

MustSee is a community of people who want to easily make, use and share Mobile Guides for over 30 million Places all over the world. 

- Create an experience: make a Guide with your favorite Sights at any Place, including photos and text. 

- Plan and organize your trip by creating your own personalized Guides from all Places and Sights. 

- Share your passion with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Email. 

- Collaborate and share Mobile Guides with others -- of your photos, your ideas, and your opinions about anything you like -- a shopping tour, art museum paintings, favorite pizza spots, historical trails, ice cream shops, etc.! 

- Take it offline: all of your Guides are downloaded automatically to your device for free so you can use them offline, all the time. 

- Maximize your trip and use integrated Maps and GPS to navigate from one location to another. 


• Browse over 30 Million Places in the world using local GPS search. 

• Places include art, museums, entertainment, restaurants, parks, shops, monuments, bars, transportation, colleges, outdoors and services. 

• Filter Guides, Places, Sights and Photos by distance, ratings and categories. 

• Get recommendations from others and save their Guides, Places and Sights to your own device for free. 

• All Guides and Sights you create or save are downloaded so you don’t pay for roaming or data charges. 

• Add your own photos to any Place and Sight. 

• Send Guides, Places, Sights and Photos via Facebook, Twitter and Email. 

• Contribute MustSee Reasons and Ratings.