Digging Up Old New York

By: Madeline Kearin

Manhattan Island has been inhabited for over five hundred years. Today, many people who walk the streets of the modern city are unaware of the vestiges of Old New York that are present all around them, tucked in between skyscrapers, sequestered in museums, or even buried beneath their feet. This audio guide uses the buildings, artifacts, cemeteries, and streets that survive from throughout New York’s history to conjure a vivid picture in the listener’s mind of the place Manhattan used to be a hundred, two hundred, or even three hundred years ago. Each sight in the guide is situated in its historical context, linking it to both global and local circumstances in order to create an understanding of its historical significance. Furthermore, a listener who chooses to pursue the different sights in the audio guide chronologically will be given a sense of how all the sights relate to each other within the scope of New York’s history, with a strong emphasis on how that history has shaped the New York that exists today.

Places include: African Burial Ground, Roger Morris Park, Merchant's House Museum, Trinity Church, Dyckman House Museum, Governors Island, St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery, 85th St & Central Park West, St. Paul's Chapel, John Street United Methodist Church, and Fraunces Tavern Museum