Creators Platform

Tell your story with a MustSee guide. Create an experience and grow your audience.

At no cost you can build an interactive, location-based, multi-media mobile guide. Whether you are an organization or individual, the MustSee platform provides an easy-to-use system to create downloadable audio or text guides on the MustSee mobile app.

You spend your resources making great content and experiences. We make great technology, provide a support community and digital marketing for you and your audience. Start creating your guide right now.


MustSee Creator Community

  • Simple Content Management System (CMS) to upload all of your content to publish on the mobile app.
  • Creator Community support portal with professional resources, FAQs, direct queries and community discussion boards.
  • Set your own price or make it free.
  • Use photos, text, audio recordings, video and web links to tell your story.
  • Use over 30 million GPS-based places in the world.
  • Marketing web guide links for digital promotion.
  • Your guide gets promoted through our social media, online and offline PR and advertising channels.

MustSee Mobile Application

  • Integrated Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare check-in and email sharing to spread the word.
  • GPS location, mapping and floor maps for your audience to navigate your world.
  • Downloaded guides saved to user’s device to avoid difficult signals and save on roaming.